Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloggers

During my visit to Washington I had the pleasure of several encounters with members of the web ring known as "The Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloggers".

My first surprise came when I was reading blogs of the various members and decided to enter a "Blogiversary" contest sponsored by Lynn at The prize was two skeins of Knit Picks sock yarn in the color scheme "Flower Power". Imagine my surprise when I was notified that I had won. I was even more pleasantly surprised when the prize package arrived promptly and had a few more goodies enclosed. I also received some fun stationary and some special jeweled stitch markers. Lynn also sent a thoughtful, handwritten note. Everything is wonderful, Lynn. Thank you again!

Next I ran into Sachi from the blog "A Day in the Life of Sachi" at the Allyn Knit Shop when I was purchasing the yarn for the sweater. Sachi has just opened her web business and showed me several samples of the gorgeous stitch markers she makes. I couldn't resist and bought these for myself. They are beautiful.

Finally, on Saturday, July 14th, I traveled to Shoreline, Washington, to the Village Knit and Tea Shop. There I met Deb from Knotty Kitty Knits and Danielle from The Knitting Niche. But I was also surprised to find Ginger from and several other wonderful ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting and talking to them all. A truly nice group of people. After knitting and sipping tea, Deb and I went to dinner on the waterfront. Deb is a very sweet lady and I hope to see more of her in the future.

I must say that the bloggers and knitters that I have met in the Pacific Northwest have been an exceptional group of people. Without fail, I have been welcomed and made to feel as one of the group. It is a good feeling to be part of this wonderful community.


Yarnhog said...

That is so cool. I am hoping to actually meet some of my imaginary friends, too, including you!

Danielle said...

It was fun, wasn't it!?

Mel said...

I have to agree that the PNW is a pretty great place to live and knit. That you actually take time to surf the ring is a far cry above my usual. Glad you're around as well.

knottykitty said...

Of course, you are one of us now---we hope we get to see you more often!

Sachi said...

I'm so glad you like the stitch markers. Sorry I haven't been by the blog lately but, as you know, I'm sort of on a deadline. Did I mention I'm going to cry? ;-)

Tina T-P said...

What a fun day this sounds like - it is always so much fun to put an actual "voice" to someone's blog -

Hope things have settled down at your place in CA - I work for a company that sells alarms & security items, so I know first hand how traumatic it must have been for your son, especially - T.

Mokihana said...

I was born and raised in Hawai`i and now call the PNW my home. I do love it here, and you're right, it's a great place to be a fiber artist.

I'm so sorry about all the ransacking. I hope they catch the creeps that did it.