Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sweater Progress

Working for a living certainly gets in the way of my knitting. Particularly since the Fresno County Courthouse does not allow knitting needles to be brought inside the building and I had 10 hearings scheduled this past week.
Needless to say, the right sleeve on the Elsebeth Lavold sweater has been rather slow going.
But once I finish it, I only have the right front to knit. Then I can block all the pieces and start to assemble them for the front button and button hole bands. Hopefully, I will finish it in time to wear up to Washington at the end of next month. Wish me luck!


FreeThinker said...

Knitting needles not allowed in the Courthouse?

Grrr ... the terrorists have won!

Yarnhog said...

Wow--that looks fabulous! I'd love to see it in person--I am guessing that yarn needs to be touched to be fully appreciated.

Ten hearings in one week?! It's probably a good thing they don't allow them in the courthouse. I think I'd have been tempted to put one through my eye.

Anonymous said...

No knitting needle in the courthouse? No wonder they have so many criminals. You should teach them knit, straighten 'em out!

It's a beautiful pattern. Perfect for coming back to cool autumn PNW weather.

sophanne said...

That yarn emits it's softness across the magic of the internets. It looks beautiful. Stupid Hearings.

zquilts said...

Drop dead gorgeous !
Our courthouse allows them ! Move up here ! Or at lest hurry back to Northern climes soon !

Danielle said...

I'll second that! (Work does cut into the knitting time!!) The sweater looks great. I love the pattern work on the sleeve.

Lavendersheep said...

Hmm...could you get away with smuggling in chop sticks or hair sticks and knit with those?

Wow! You have had some adventures since I last got to your blog. I am such a bad blog reader right now, but I am catching up.

Wendy said...

No needles in the courthouse? Gosh, I don't know what I would do in Philly - what would I do while I was hurrying up to wait?


sue said...

Oh what a pain not being able to take your knitting needles in with you. Are you allowed to take bamboo ones inside or not. I love the jacket too, it is looking lovely, and so are your afghan squares too.