Saturday, April 21, 2007

One Step Closer

I am always amazed at how fast tomatoes and corn grow once they are planted, fertilized and watered. The tomato plants already have fruit growing. We should have fresh tomatoes within the next 30 days. The potato plants have spouted and and are about 8 inches tall. The corn plants are 15 inches tall and we have already picked the first ripe strawberries. The only thing that has not fared well are the zucchini plants. They seem to have some sort of blight that has whithered the leaves. If they don't perk up by next Saturday, I'll probably replace them.
On the way home from my Saturday knitting group I stopped at Jo-Ann's and picked up the twill tape I needed for the sleeves on the blue dress. The twill tape is basted into the armhole to prevent the knit from stretching out of shape from the weight of the sleeve. Once the twill tape was in place, I set in the sleeves and sewed them into place.
Although most of the dress is now complete, I still need to finish the sleeve cuffs and hems. I like to finish both the cuffs and the hem with an ultra suede trim so I will be cutting out the pieces later this week. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the dress by next week. I'd like to wear it for Mother's Day.

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