Sunday, March 25, 2007

All Good Things Must Come To An End....

All to soon Friday arrived. It was hard to believe the week had gone by so quickly. Patty Huffer was busy working on a sewing machine when I arrived. We chatted briefly. Afterward, I went into the loom room to work on my sample.
At 10:00 a.m., Madelyn called us into the classroom and started the day with a discussion of fibers. She covered characteristics of different fibers -- wool, acrylics, bamboo, silk and exotic fiber. Next she showed us how to calculate amount of fiber by its weight. She answered questions about different weaving techniques, including rep weaving, tapestry, rigid heddle and drawlooms. She also briefly introduced available gadgets such as scales, fringe twisters, swifts, ball winders, bobbin winders, and a host of other goodies which, as Madelyn put it, adds up to the "Ka-ching" factor.
While Madelyn was talking to the class, Patty was busy at the looms, cutting off the week's samples and washing them. Once they had been washed, Patty carried them into the classroom and hung them on a drying rack.

It was fun to come into the room as the various samples were placed on the rack. Here Carol is examining the double weave fabric after it has been shrunk in the wash (on purpose, of course).

Maggie examined the color blocks. After the samples were dried, they were cut apart. Each student received the samples they had woven.

Jane surprised us all with an absolutely delicious gingerbread cake she had made. As if that wasn't enough, she topped it off with fresh whipped cream with crushed ginger mixed in. While we are all busy gaining ten pounds eating the cake, Madelyn bound all of our handouts and notes together in one handy binder. Huck was on hand supervising as always.
As the day drew to a close, we gathered one last time for a group photo. What a wonderful week we had together!

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