Saturday, June 16, 2007


Webster's Dictionary defines the term 'poltergeist' as "a supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as hiding belongings or throwing objects about."
A poltergeist must have moved into our house recently. I know this because in the last month things have been disappearing. At first it was just a little things --- like the extra skein of Sublime yarn I desperately needed to complete the vest. Then my car keys vanished into thin air. Since I tend to misplace them with startling regularity, no warning bells were set off in my head that a supernatural phenomenon had apparently found a new home under our rafters. But then the electric power cord to my laptop computer mysteriously vanished into thin air. It turns out the power cord is a fairly important piece of equipment for my computer. Without it, the battery cannot be charged and the computer turns into a shiny, black paperweight, which is useless for blogging.
The power cord is only ever in two places --- the laptop case or the wall plug in the living room behind my chair. There is no reason for it to be anywhere else. But when I went to plug in the computer, it wasn't there! I checked the computer case. Not there either. Nor was it in the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, or family room. I even looked in the bathrooms. It had simply vanished.
I did, however, find the missing skein of yarn. It had found its way to the laundry room and was sitting on the dryer. Since I never knit in the laundry room, the only explanation as to how it managed to get out of my knitting bag and migrate to the laundry room has to be a supernatural one. How did I come to this conclusion? Simple really. When I quizzed Kenny, Justin and Dan as to the missing items, they all looked at me blankly and told me the same thing....."I didn't do it".
I know that a poltergeist must have hidden it.
Since the power cord was nowhere to be found, I decided that I would simply replace it and have a spare in case the other one ever turned up (it still is missing). Grabbing a phone book, I telephoned every electronic and/or computer store listed on both the yellow and white pages. Apparently, the power cord for the HP-9000T is not stocked in any of the 32 electronics and computer stores in the greater Fresno area. To make matters worse, each laptop uses a different type of power cord that it unique to that particular computer model. I was informed that using the wrong cord can damage to the computer (something about amps and voltage). There was now way around it. I had to order a new one and wait. Joy of joys, it got here yesterday. I am now back up and running.
Justin is now officially a high school graduate! He had a great time as the center of attention and really was excited that my parents flew all the way from Atchison, Kansas to be present for the ceremony.My parents, Justin's girlfriend, and our neighbors, Dave and Becky waiting for the program to begin. The traditional processional walk began the evening.

And finally posing with his proud grandparents after the ceremony.

I was also able to knit the next square in the The Great American Aran Afghan. This square was designed by Dagmara Berztiss. This square was beautiful and fun to knit. I love the design.

I also have been spinning and should be able to ply the yarn tomorrow. I already have a project in mind.


knottykitty said...

Hope that poltergeist is friendly, though you can tell already that he is mischievious! Funny enough, I have someone living in my household whom I have never met,named "not me," who causes no end of trouble around here! ;)

Congrats to your son on his graduation! And as always, the afghan square is lovely...

Yarnhog said...

Huh. Around here it's always the dogs' fault. I love that afghan square! I think that's my favorite yet, and I'm already trying to figure out how to use it in a sweater. Congratulations to Justin (and Mom) for making it through!