Thursday, June 7, 2007


I need a vacation. Last week, Justin's teacher called me and said he had to have at least a 78% on his final in Geometry to pass the class. Now, I don't do math. I have a computer and calculator for a reason. But Justin needed help so for three days we worked and practised and worked some more on his math skills. And it paid off. Justin passed and will graduate from Sanger High School on June 8th (tomorrow!!). I can't resist -- here is his official senior portrait. Proud mom and all that!
In the meantime, my parents arrived for a visit and to attend the graduation. They flew into San Jose so I drove up to collect them (8 hours round trip). They don't drive so I am now ferrying them back and forth to their hotel and our house.

Kenny is finishing up his last week of school so I am helping him study and pass all his tests. In addition, they are having a special day for the science class to launch model rockets so Dan and Kenny are building a rocket ------all over the kitchen.

Then there is work. I need to finish drafting five Marital Settlement Agreements, review two Orders After Hearing, go through a HUGE stack of mail, attend four court appearances between today and tomorrow, then host a graduation party and head to graduation.

If you are sensing that I haven't had any time for myself (much less knitting or blogging!!) for the past week -- you are right. When I finally was able to knit a little on latest square on my afghan, I discovered that I had miscounted the pattern in the first two rows and have to start over.

Everything should settle down after Sunday. Hopefully, I will post the latest square at that time and the finished vest.


Yarnhog said...

June drives me crazy every year. Why does everything have to happen in the last two weeks of school? I knit to deal with the stress, which may be why I feel like there's never enough time to deal with it all.

Does Justin really look exactly like you, with short hair, or is it just the picture? Congratulations, by the way! What's he planning to do next?

Danielle said...

Here's hoping things really do let you get back to knitting! I know how hard it can be when things get that crazy/busy!!

Life's a Stitch said...

I wish you could pass some of that last minute motivation on to my son. He informed me he doesn't want to take his Religion final because there's no chance of passing!

Congratulations on getting him through,

HomeJewel said...

Congrats to your son! Incredible resemblance between you and your son! I only have one child out of 7 who looks like me! What's up with that?

Mel said...

I'm wondering if there isn't something in the air - once June hits, the oxygen content drops. Or something. I haven't posted in two weeks!